Just as in nature this seasonal color type encompasses all that is bright and vibrant during this time of year. Fresh grass and leaves, clear skies, flowers galore, migrating and nesting birds in brilliant hues.

If you are lucky enough to fit into this category your skin, hair, and eyes will have a bright luminous quality, because of this you can handle wearing very bright clear colors that are predominantly warm combined with some cool colors and some softer shades as well. Springs typically have clear bright skin tones ranging from palest ivory to deep golden browns. Freckles are not uncommon.

As you can see from the pictures above the golden (yellow-orange) or golden-peach undertone is quite obvious even in the lightest ranges. At first, it may not seem so obvious but if you compare a pale-skinned Spring to a pale-skinned Winter you will see that the Springs skin is much more yellow than the Winters porcelain-pink skin; as seen here in Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway.

Hair colors vary quite a bit – from light flaxen and golden blondes to strawberry reds, golden browns, and even red-black. The golden tones are usually quite obvious and they are brighter and more yellow than those found in Autumn. More yellow-gold and less brass is one way of looking at it. As Springs age their hair often takes on a golden-gray cast and in some cases, it turns into a lovely pearly white.

Typical eye colors found in this seasonal category are – clear blues, aqua blues, clear pale greens, clear hazel, and golden browns. Again the brightness of the eyes matches the overall super bright look also seen in the hair and skin.

The overall color palette encompasses the full range of the season with all of the pure bright hues including –

  • bright clear yellows
  • yellow-green
  • bright blues
  • bright periwinkles and violets
  • poppy reds
  • bright yellow-orange and bright orange
  • bright pinks

The neutrals and lighter softer shades are –

  • peach and apricot
  • warm pastel pinks
  • light blues and yellows
  • warm whites
  • golden browns
  • warm beige
  • golden greens

As with all of the seasons you will find that lovely combination of brighter and softer colors mixed with deeper and lighter ones. The overall look though is super duper bright. The lit-from-within look is a good way to look at this Season.

Spring Primary Colors

To help demonstrate the beauty of this Season even more here are several examples of celebrities that fit into this category. As you will see below even the deepest Springs are still bright.

Ewan McGregor

Here is a good example of actress Michelle Williams who just happens to be a Spring wearing the wrong colors in the first picture and the right colors in the second set of photos. Notice how the dark navy dress, cool muted makeup, and ashy blonde hair dulls her overall look. Her facial expression even looks a bit serious.

Wrong Colors

While in the other photos her hair is more golden, the lovely clear pink lip and cheek she is wearing gives her a gorgeous rosy glow, and she just radiates in the clear bright warm red dress she is wearing. Not to mention how happy and cheerful she looks. As a Spring she needs high-chroma (clear) colors as do all Springs.

Right Colors

As you can see wearing the exact right colors for your season really does make a difference. To order the full Spring palette, fashion guides and makeup lists visit our shop page.

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