Personal Color Analysis

Discover Your Perfect Palette: Personal Color Analysis for Flawless Style

Learn which colors look best on you and why. How to create a wardrobe that accentuates who you are and fits your body and lifestyle. Not the other way around. Have confidence in your clothing and cosmetic purchases.

The Original Color System

The Blue-Based/Yellow-Based Color System

In the 1930s an artist named Robert Dorr discovered that all colors can be separated into two color spectrums based on their undertones - blue-based or yellow-based. He found that people also contained these two primary undertones. Over the next four decades, he researched and refined his color system, which the fashion, cosmetics, textile, paint, and furniture industries have used. This is the original color system, and the one I use with my clients, because of how accurate, easy, and fun it is.

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True Color Harmony

Two Color Spectrums

Achieve perfect color harmony with the Blue-Based/Yellow-Based color system. It is not a seasonal or cool/warm color system. Both color spectrums contain hues that have a cool or warm color temperature. So you will never be missing out on your best colors!

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