Let Your True Colors Shine!

Let Your True Colors Shine!

Showcase your true natural coloring by finding the most flattering hues for your skin, hair, and eyes. Skip the fads and discover what looks best on YOU – always and forever.

For years, fashion stylists and makeup artists have relied on Personal Color Analysis to help their clients to look their very best. Now you can have these same tools at your fingertips…

The Only Color System You Need

The Only Color System You Need

Our Personal Color Analysis system is based on traditional color theory and is the only one that gives you your version of all 12 colors from the color wheel. We look at which colors harmonize with your personal coloring. No stereotyping whatsoever.

If it looks good it looks good – period. The colors in each palette have been matched to the natural colors that occur in each season to ensure their accuracy. This means no missing or “off” colors and no confusing sub-seasons. Just true colors to match your inherent beauty.

Professional Color Analysis Services

Professional Personal Color Analysis

We all have our own unique natural coloring. Knowing which exact colors bring out the very best of our individual features, how to wear those colors, and make smart fashion choices based on those colors is the basis of personal color analysis. Find out more about our services by clicking the link below…

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