Personal Coloring

The following descriptions are for people of all ethnicities and gender.

Spectrum 1 Coloring 

Blue-Based colors are your best if you are a Spectrum 1 person.

Coloring Characteristics

Skin Tone

The skin has a blue-black, brown, and red undertone and will appear pink, rosy pink, red-violet, rosy beige, rose brown, red-brown, or olive. There may be a grayish-blue, grayish-blue violet, or sallow yellow overtone to the skin. Olive skin has a greenish yellow cast. Freckles are red brown. Skin tones in this category range from very pale to very deep. 

Eye Colors

Eye colors are blue, blue-gray, blue-green, green-blue, red brown, chocolate brown, black. Hazel eyes have a mix of red brown with blue-gray or green-blue.

Hair Colors

The hair ranges from very light to very dark; white blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde, ash brown (may have a pink cast), chocolate brown, deep chestnut, auburn, jet black, and blue black are all Spectrum 1 hair colors. If the hair is gray it will be blue-gray, silver gray, or bright white. 

 The Color Palette

The colors found in this spectrum have a blue undertone. There is no orange or red-orange in Spectrum 1. 

Blue-Based Colors

Spectrum 2 Coloring

Yellow-based colors are your best if you are a Spectrum 2 person. 

Coloring Characteristics

Skin Tone

The skin has a yellow undertone and will appear golden, peach, peachy-pink, bronze, orange, or yellow-orange. Skin tones in this category range from very pale to deep. Freckles will be golden brown or orange-brown.

Eye Colors

Eye colors are gray blue, yellow-green, olive green, amber, golden brown, orange brown, and black brown. Hazel eyes will be a mix of golden or bronze-brown with olive green or gray blue.

Hair Colors

The hair golden blonde, strawberry blonde, golden brown, orange-red, copper, and black-brown. Yellow-based gray hair has a golden cast (sandy blonde-gray) or is creamy white.

The Color Palette

The colors found in this spectrum contain the most yellow. There is no magenta in Spectrum 2.

Yellow-based colors

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