What Your Hair Color Says About You

What Your Hair Color Says About You

Wearing your best clothing colors and styles helps with great first impressions. Do you know others also judge you based on your hair color?

Hair Color and Color Psychology

Besides our skin tone, our hair color takes up the most visual space and is one of the things, if not the thing that other people notice first when they look at you. Since our hair is a color, even if it is brown, it has a psychological effect on people just as any other color does. It’s just not something we often think about. You’ve probably heard the fraise “blondes have more fun” or heard of redheads referred to as being fiery or hot-tempered. Why is that? 

It is due to the mental impression behind these colors. If you are not familiar with color psychology it is the study of how color affects our perceptions and behaviors. If you have never considered applying these principles to your hair color or realized that it has an impact on how others perceive and treat you then let’s dive in!

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

do blondes have more fun

The main color of blonde hair is yellow. It can be a warm golden yellow or a cool lemon yellow. Yellow represents the sun or sunshine. The psychological impact of the color yellow is as follows -

  • Cheerful
  • Warm
  • Bright
  • Uplifting
  • Illuminating
  • Hopeful, Inspiring original thought or inquisitiveness
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Confidence and Forward Thinking
  • Fun

This is why people with blonde hair are often viewed as having warm, bright, cheerful, and fun personalities. According to an article published on Empowered By Color -

“The color yellow loves a challenge, particularly a mental challenge.

Within the meaning of colors - yellow is a great communicator and loves to talk. Yellow is the color of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing; looking at both sides before making a decision, methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.” 

As you can see, having blonde hair is great and has many advantages. However, even though blondes do appear to have more fun, as with any other color, they can also have their disadvantages or negative attributes. 

  • Critical and Judgmental
  • Flighty 
  • Aggressive
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • Egotistical
  • Pessimistic
  • Spiteful
  • Cowardly or Deceitful
  • Lacking compassion or Emotion

Hence, the stereotypical dumb blonde, airhead, or mean popular girl. Legally Blonde and Mean Girls, anyone?

In the business world, having blonde hair can help you get ahead in some industries, such as public relations, journalism, and the entertainment industry. In other industries such as law, corporate management, science, engineering, and medicine it can be more of a challenge. You may not be taken seriously by your peers and authority figures. 

I know this should not be a thing in this day and age, but color psychology is a powerful thing, and for people who are greatly impacted by it, getting past the negative stereotypes can be a challenge. This does not mean every person you encounter in life will view you from the negative aspects. It is just something to be aware of in case they do. So what can you do about it?

If you work in an industry that is more conservative or authoritative you will want to dress the part so that you are taken seriously and are treated with the respect you deserve. The best way to do this is by utilizing the darkest neutrals in your color palette. Your best version of black, navy blue, gray, brown, red, and white will become your go-to colors for work attire. These colors will put forward an image of trust, reliability, authority, power, action, strength, courage, and efficiency. These attributes combined with the positive attributes of your hair color will make a wonderful overall visual and psychological impact. 

Blonde Hair Business Attire

This doesn’t mean you can’t also wear the brighter colors in your palette. For your work wardrobe, it is best to relegate them to accent colors. 

On the other hand, if you work in a fun, creative, high-energy, fast-paced industry such as entertainment, the arts, design, journalism, etc you will want to play up your lovely hair color and dress more colorfully and brightly. Your more serious neutrals will take on a smaller or backseat role and be treated as accents, in this case, to help you maintain that lighter more cheerful presence overall. Because blondes do have fun and it should never be any other way!

Why are Brunettes Known for their Dependability?

Brown hair means dependable

If you have brown hair and have ever experienced being the go-to person for advice, directions, work projects, pet sitting, or all of the above the answer is not kale or coconut oil (shocking, I know). It’s your hair color. The traits and attributes of the color brown include -

  • Strength
  • Solidarity
  • Earthiness
  • Comfort
  • Maturity
  • Reliability

If you have been wondering for years “Why me?” This is why. Your hair color and your eye color if you also happen to have brown eyes practically scream “Pick me!” I am reliable and have all the answers. Even if you don’t or feel like you don’t. Your appearance has other plans. In the business world and your personal life, this has its perks. 

It can also have its negative attributes though. Brown can be viewed by some as -

  • Lack of humor, being too serious
  • Boring
  • Dirty
  • Heavy, dull
  • Passive 

best business clothes for brown hair

The best way to capitalize on the positive traits and minimize the negative is by adding a bright pop of color. A red or pink lip, colorful scarf, necktie, or jewelry will amp up your look. An entire outfit in your best brighter colors works also. It will make you appear trustworthy, reliable, grounded, powerful, motivating, and fun. 

Are Redheads Bad Luck?

are redheads bad luck

Having red hair has been controversial and polarizing over the centuries. Redheads have had it bad. From being considered bad luck to being accused of witchcraft, it’s been tough out there for gingers. Which is a shame because red hair is so beautiful. It is the only hair color that is an almost pure color besides those with naturally very yellow-blonde hair. 

What are some of the psychological attributes of red?

  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Action
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Driven
  • Courageous
  • Determined
  • Spontaneous

This is why redheads are viewed as being fiery and very passionate if not downright sexy. While it does make you stand out in a crowd and I’m sure it can feel very introverting at times, having red hair is awesome! Embrace being part of less than 2% of the world’s population. You are unique. Work it! 

As with all colors, some of the negatives have already been partly discussed when it comes to having red hair can include being viewed as -

  • Aggressive
  • Domineering
  • Overbearing
  • Angry
  • Tiring
  • Quick-tempered
  • Ruthless
  • Rebellious
  • Intolerant
  • Resentful
  • Violent and brutal

Red Hair Business Attire

To tone these possible negative attributes, especially in the business world, you can do this by dressing similarly to blondes. You want to tone down the effect without extinguishing your flame. If you work in the corporate arena dress in your best classic neutrals, especially the darkest versions. Wearing your best navy blue, rusts, browns, and white will help give you more of an air of authority, earthiness, dependability, trustworthiness, and approachability. 

Dark Mysterious Black Hair

dark hair traits

Very dark brown and black hair has an opposite psychological effect to blonde hair and can be just as polarizing as red hair. The color black is seen as being -

  • Protective
  • Comforting (this one may be surprising)
  • Strong
  • Contained
  • Formal
  • Sophisticated
  • Mysterious
  • Seductive
  • Endings & beginnings

It can also be seen as… evil, secretive, pessimistic or depressing, serious, exerting powerful control, sadness, and negativity. 

Some people are very intimidated by dark hair and/or eyes. If you have lovely rich dark hair you may have found it easy to get your way in life and business because of your natural air of authority and power. However, you don’t want to come across as overbearing and unapproachable. To soften the psychological effects of having such an impactful hair color use your wardrobe and makeup. 

best clothing colors for dark hair

Your best pinks will be better than red. They are a softer toned-down version of red, which is already a very powerful color. Your best blues and greens can help add freshness, calmness, and trustworthiness. White is clean and fresh. Yellow is cheerful. Using these colors as accents combined with your best neutrals will help balance your look. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear red or black. There will be times when you will need or want to exude power and authority. Just know when and how to use them successfully. Appropriate times would be an important meeting or large public speaking events. Adding a pop of red can help draw attention and elicit action. Since black ties in with your hair color, it will help add formal elegance and a sense of authority or power. 

The Silver Fox

attractive gray hair

Gray, silver, and white hair colors are just as attractive as any other hair color, and they carry some pretty incredible traits. Including -

  • Dignity
  • Maturity
  • Intelligence
  • Professionalism
  • Calmness
  • Stability
  • Elegance
  • Reflection
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Responsibility
  • Wisdom
  • Wholeness
  • Simplicity
  • Equality
  • New Beginnings

As you can see, there are many amazing attributes to these three hues. Since these colors can also have negative attributes such as, looking plain, dull, stark, sterile, or lifeless. The way to counteract this is by having a great haircut and with your clothing colors. Gone are the days of the old lady or man hair. Age is nothing but a number, and “being old” is a state of mind. 

best clothing colors for gray hair

Unless you have brown eyes, you should skip the browns and beiges in your color palette and stick with your best version of black, gray, and navy blue for your foundational wardrobe colors. Add colorful accents and utilize your best bright colors. It will keep your look fresh and vibrant. 

I hope this article has been helpful and enlightening. Maybe next time you watch a film or your favorite TV show, you will look at each character in a new and exciting way. If you are thinking of changing your hair, check out my previous post to find the best hair color for your color type. 

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