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PCA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Color Analysis?

It is the color theory applied to fashion and cosmetics. In the makeup and fashion industry color analysis also known as skin tone color matching or personal color matching, is the process of determining which colors will look best on an individual based on their natural coloring. It is used as an aide to wardrobe planning and style consulting.

A trained professional image consultant is educated on how to spot the undertones (main colors peeking through) in their client’s hair, skin, and eyes.  This is usually done by conducting a number of tests such as draping the client in large pieces of fabric in many different colors, applying makeup, etc.

How Can Color Analysis Benefit Me?

The benefits of wearing the best colors that harmonize with your natural coloring (i.e. hair, eyes, and skin) may include:

  • Looking Great!
  • Looking younger and fresher
  • Looking slimmer/more in focus
  • Looking brighter and healthier
  • Clearer, more sparkly, and shiny eyes
  • The colors in your makeup and wardrobe will harmonize with your eyes, skin tone, and hair
  • It takes the mystery and hassles out of shopping
  • A renewed sense of excitement and confidence when it comes to wearing and shopping for clothes and cosmetics
  • A glowing more even-looking complexion
  • You will find it easier to choose the right makeup shades and what color to dye your hair (if this is something you want to do)
  • Your natural looks will be enhanced and accentuated
  • Save Time and Money!
  • You won’t buy clothes you won’t wear.
  • You will only invest in clothing items, accessories, and cosmetics that look absolutely amazing on you.
  • You won’t have to guess anymore whether or not something looks good on you.
  • You will save time shopping and will be able to cut out buying at random.

All your clothes colors will be perfectly coordinated, which will save you time when getting ready and it means you can buy less and have more outfit choices.

Wearing the wrong colors:

  • Dulls the complexion
  • Takes the sparkle from your eyes and shine from your hair
  • Drags the face down or widens it
  • Enhances imperfections such as – dark under-eye circles, blemishes, redness, sallowness, wrinkles
  • Can even make you look sickly or washed out
  • Leaves you with a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear

We define “wrong” colors as those that are not harmonious with your natural contrast or depth level, saturation level (brightness or dullness), and undertones. 

For example, if you have a Spectrum 1 skin tone (red undertone) that is soft and needs equally soft colors. Dressing that person in bold yellow-based hues would be unflattering and overwhelming. 

Is Online Color Consulting 100% Accurate?

Working from photographs or via video conference call services is not the same as in-person consulting, so no I cannot guarantee complete accuracy. I do my best to assess each client and space I work on. If a personal color analysis client’s color palette needs refining I am happy to work with them to get them matched up with their best colors. There are many steps I take during a room color consult to help ensure that each design meets the client’s needs as well.

If I Send You My Photo Will You Analyze Me for Free?

Online color analysis is a paid service, so please do not email in your photos without purchasing one of our personal color analysis service packages first. 

If I Book an Online Analysis Will My Photos Be Kept Private?

Absolutely! All client photos are kept completely private. I only share client photos and testimonials if I have been given express permission in writing. 

Isn't Personal Color Analysis Limiting?

Not at all.  As you familiarize yourself with your colors and read through the fashion guide for your color type you will be surprised at how many more colors you have access to and all of the different ways that you can combine them to create different looks. The possibilities are endless!

Can I Wear Colors From Other Color Types?

 The short answer is no. You will look best if you only wear colors from your color spectrum (blue-based or yellow-based). Wearing mixed spectrum colors creates discord and confuses the eye. It also can make others perceive you as cheap or tacky. 

How Can I Combine The Colors In My Palette?

Very easily actually. It is common for people to know their best colors, but not know how to combine them. This is why color combining is explained in detail during a personal color analysis session. Our goal is to make wearing your best colors as fun and easy as possible.

Which Makeup Will Look Best On Me?

This all depends on your natural coloring and your color spectrum. I give personalized recommendations when I conduct an analysis with clients.

What if My Hair is Dyed?

When determining your color type, you need to consider your natural hair color. Color analysis is based on your natural coloring and your results are based on this and will be the most accurate if you provide that information. Once I have determined a client’s color type I am then able to give them personalized recommendations on which hair colors will be the most flattering to them.