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Get 15% OFF Your First Order by Using the Code "COLORFORYOU" at Checkout! Get 15% OFF Your First Order by Using the Code "COLORFORYOU" at Checkout!

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If you fall into the Winter category this means you look best in bright mostly deep clear colors and sharp contrasts. Your natural coloring mimics and is reflected in all of the sparkling glory of the winter season. Pure white snow, icy blues, pinks, and greens, jewel-tones like those seen in the Northern Lights, brilliant sunsets, and sunrises, winter berries, and fruits.


Their coloring has a striking contrast such as light skin combined with very dark hair and eyes. Winter skin tones are warm and contain yellow, which is balanced by deep cool hair and eye colors. A winter's skin can range from very light to medium-deep. Olive (yellow-green) or sallow skin is commonly seen in this color type.

Hair Color

Hair color is usually ash or cool brown ranging from dark to very dark. Black hair (sometimes with an obvious blue cast) can also be found. Winter hair grays very attractively. Turning salt and pepper, then silver gray, and eventually a bright pure white. Even if the hair starts to turn prematurely it will only add to the striking look of a winter color type.

Eye Color

Typical eye colors found in this season are dark blue, dark gray, dark green, dark brown, and black.

Winters is sometimes referred to as the "jewel-toned" season, because they look best in colors that are deep, intense, and cool. The cool tones blend with the tones in the hair and eyes, and harmonize with, and balance the warm tones found in the winter skin tone. It is very important for winters to maintain their deep and striking look.

Best colors -

pure black and white
deep fuchsia
bright magentas
true and royal blues
deep purples and plums
true reds
lemon yellows
deep greens

Your neutrals include -

smokey grays
cool taupes
deep browns

Here are examples of the lovely deep, cool, intense colors of the winter palette.

To help give you a better idea of the "Winter look" here is a collage of various women that encompass this beautiful color category. As you will see there is quite a range.

In the first picture, this model looks very sallow and dull in the warm colors and mauve background. Even with almost no makeup on and a grumpy facial expression, the same model in the second picture looks healthy and alive, wearing pure black with the brighter pink background. This is why it is so important to really get your personal colors right.


Canva and Pexels