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If you fall into the Winter category this means you look best in bright mostly deep clear colors and sharp contrasts. Your natural coloring mimics and is reflected in all of the sparkling glory of the winter season. Pure white snow, icy blues, pinks, and greens, jewel-tones like those seen in the Northern Lights, brilliant sunsets, and sunrises, winter berries, and fruits.




Your coloring usually has a striking and overall deep quality to it - whether it be dark hair and eyes or pale skin and bright eye color. Typical Winter coloring includes a wide range of skin tones from extremely pale to very deep.


Winter Skin Tones


Winter skin tones have a predominant red-violet undertone that may be very subtle but when compared to someone with a warmer more golden skin tone it becomes more obvious. Even an olive-skinned Winter is a little more pink than green or golden when compared to an Autumn or Spring.

While their skin does contain some yellow and orange as all skin tones do it's just not as much as what you find in the warmer seasons. As can be seen here when comparing Salma Hayek's skin to Jennifer Lopez's.


Olive Skin Tones


Hair color can also range from light to dark. Some very lucky rare Winters have natural platinum blonde hair while most have hair in the light-dark brown or black range. As Winters age, their hair often changes to a beautiful salt and pepper or silver gray and some go completely white which is lovely and striking.

Light to medium brown hair may contain some cool red highlights, soft gold or even rose gold highlights but they won't be the coppery red metallic ones seen in the warmer seasons. Winters with lighter brown hair may be mistaken for a Summer however the summer colors will be just a little too subdued for them.

Here are some examples below of the typical hair colors found in this season -


Winter Hair Colors


Typical eye colors found in this Season range from icy grays, cool blues, and greens, to deep red-brown or yellow-browns to almost black or pure black. Some have hazel eyes (gray-brown mixed with gray-green and sometimes gray blues). Deep eyes are a classic Winter trait.


Winter Eye Colors


Since their coloring is so intense (yes even if they are on the lighter end of the scale) they are most flattered by equally intense and clear colors worn in sharp contrast.

Colors such as -

  • pure black and white
  • deep fuchsia
  • bright magentas
  • true and royal blues
  • deep purples and plums
  • true reds
  • lemon yellows
  • clear yellow-orange and clear pure oranges
  • greens, and more.

Your neutrals include -

  • smokey grays
  • cool taupes
  • deep browns
  • navy

Their best light colors are icy pastels that have a distinct brightness to them. They are also great in very deep but clear colors such as pine greens, burgundies, dark blues, reds, and pinks.


Winter Colors


Now just because the category, they fall into is labeled "Winter" it doesn't mean that they have to go around in fur coats and have the wintery look year round. Winters can wear their colors throughout every season in nature. You will find more information about this in the fashion guides available in our online shop and in the articles on our blog. This page is merely an introduction to this Season.

To help give you a better idea of the "Winter look" here is a slideshow of various women and men that encompass this beautiful color category. As you will see there is quite a range from a classic "Snow White" look to deep and rich.


Winter Color Types


As you can also see in the pictures above your overall look is bold however it still looks natural on you. It harmonizes with the natural intensity of your skin, hair, and eyes. On any other season, these colors look overwhelming. But on you they just make you glow. Wearing anything too muted or warm just drains the life from your face.


Wrong Colors vs Right Colors


In the first picture, this model looks very sallow and dull in the warm colors and mauve background. Even with almost no makeup on and a grumpy facial expression, the same model in the second picture looks healthy and alive, wearing pure black with the brighter pink background. This is the power of color and why it is so important to really get them just right.

Just as in nature you do want to maintain a balance of bright and soft, light and dark, warm and cool which is exactly what our Winter palette is designed to mimic. To purchase your color complete palette, makeup list, and fashion guides please visit our shop.


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