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Just as in nature this seasonal color type encompasses all that is bright and vibrant during this time of year. Fresh grass, and new leaves, clear skies, flowers galore, migrating and nesting birds with brightly colored feathers in brilliant hues...


If you are lucky enough to fit into this category your skin, hair, and eyes will have a bright luminous quality, because of this you can handle wearing very bright colors that are predominantly warm combined with some cool colors.


In this color type you will find cool (blue or violet-based) skin tones with some visible red on the surface of the skin. Their skin tone is also noticeably vibrant. The cool skin will be balanced by hair and eye colors that are warm. Classic "spring" skin is glowing and is sometimes referred to as peaches and cream. It may have a tendency to blush or flush easily.

Hair Color

Hair colors are warm and bright - strawberry blonde, red, golden blonde, light to medium golden brown. As the hair turns gray it will be a bright golden or bright pearly gray that will eventually turn into a bright pearl white.

Eye Color

Typical eye colors found in this seasonal category are - clear warm blues, aqua blues, clear warm grays (may pick up hints of blue or aqua), clear warm greens, and bright golden browns. Again the brightness of the eyes matches the overall super bright look also seen in the hair and skin. Clear also denotes a translucent or glassy look to the eye. 

The overall color palette encompasses the full range of the season with all of the pure bright hues including -

bright clear yellows
bright blues
bright periwinkles and violets
poppy reds
bright yellow-orange and bright orange
bright pinks

The neutrals and lighter softer shades are -

peach and apricot
warm pastel pinks
light blues and yellows
warm whites
golden browns
warm beige
golden greens

The overall palette is bright and warm. The "lit-from-within" look is a good way to describe this seasonal color type.

To help demonstrate the beauty of this Season even more here are several examples of some women and girls that fit into this category. As you will see to the right even the deepest Springs are still bright.

Here is a good example of actress Michelle Williams, who just happens to be a Spring, wearing the wrong and right colors. In this picture, notice how the dark navy dress, paired with cool muted makeup, and muted blonde hair dulls her overall look.

In these two photos her hair is more much more golden and bright. It is a bit too light, but the overall tone and brightness is so much better on her. She is also flattered by the the lovely clear pink lip and cheek she is wearing. It gives her a gorgeous rosy glow, and she just radiates in the orange-red dress she is wearing. Not to mention how happy and cheerful she looks. As a Spring she needs high-chroma (clear) colors as do all Springs.

As you can see wearing the right colors really does make a difference.


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