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How lucky are the men and women that fall (no pun intended) into this stunning seasonal color type! Autumns embody all the glory of this vibrant season. Think clear skies, orange, gold, and red leaves, flaming sunsets, pumpkins, ripe grapes, golden grasses, bright moss, foggy mornings, and so much more!


Autumn Color Type


Common skin tones found in this season are ivory, peach, golden beige, warm olive (yellow-orange or yellow-green cast), golden browns, and freckles of course. The main undertone found in Autumn is a red-orange which gives the complexion a distinct apricot or peach tone. In the medium to deeper skin tones it can appear golden-bronze. 


Autumn Skin Tones
Autumn hair colors come in quite a variety of colors from golden blonde to the classic carrot-top, chestnut, auburn, copper red, golden browns from light to dark chocolate, red-black, and golden gray. The warm tones are usually pretty obvious. The blondes have distinct deep gold or brass tones to them and the redheads and brunettes have fiery metallic coppery tones.
Autumn Hair Colors
The typical eye colors found in the color type are warm greens, warm hazel, browns from amber to deep chocolate, and blue eyes with a distinct turquoise tone. You rarely find truly blue or gray eyes in this season but it could happen.
Autumn Eyes
Sometimes it can be hard to tell a red-haired Autumn apart from a red-headed Spring however if you were to put them side-by-side you would see that Autumns coloring is much richer overall than the lighter brighter Springs.
You can see it here when comparing Amy Adams (Autumn) to Jessica Chastain (Spring). Amy's skin has the classic apricot tone of Autumns and Jessica's skin contains a lot of golden yellow which is typical of Spring. 
Autumn vs Spring


The Autumn palette is full of vibrant warm hues and deep rich colors like -

  • yellow gold
  • bright yellow-green
  • grape purple
  • rust and orange reds
  • gold and bronze
  • deep periwinkle blues
  • warm pinks and salmon shades

The lights and neutrals found in this palette include -

  • pale peach and apricot
  • pale golden yellows and greens
  • light blues
  • light warm grays
  • chocolate browns
  • mahogany, and many more.


Autumn Colors


The golden god or goddess and warm peachy look are distinct Autumn traits as can be seen below in various celebrities that are part of this seasonal type.


Autumn Celebrities


In this photo, actress Natalie Portman radiates in this red-plum dress and warm makeup. Notice how much her hair and eyes glow. She looks glamorous yet natural. 


Natalie Portman - Autumn


And in this photo, Natalie looks very pretty as always but these summery colors just aren't really doing anything for her. She just doesn't look as radiant. The lipstick she is wearing seems distracting on her, as is the rose on the front of her dress and her skin and hair look just a tad dull in these too light and cool shades.

This look would be fabulous on Jennifer Garner or Reese Witherspoon who are both Summers, but on an Autumn they just aren't that flattering. Not terrible but not great.

Wrong Colors - Natalie Portman


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