Summers envoke all that is fun and elegant about this time of year. Think bright light from the sun, white puffy clouds in clear blue skies, stormy seas, rainy days, fun at the beach or lake, colorful flowers, ripe berries, beautiful sunsets, and sunrises…

Typical skin tones found in Summer are pale beiges, pink, rose-beige, and tan. The overall look is cool (red-violet) although some Summers do have a yellow overtone to their skin. However, their skin is more pink than golden when compared to a Spring or Autumn. Rose-brown freckles are seen on quite a few Summers as well. While some have very pink skin or pink cheeks, others have little to no color in their cheeks and their skin appears quite even and opaque.

Hair colors range from light ash or beige blonde to dirty blonde and light to deep brown. You may see some soft gold, rose gold or auburn highlights in the hair (not the coppery kind though) and as the hair starts to go gray it will change to a pretty blue-gray tone. The lighter blondes can definitely have a yellow tone to the hair but it will never be as yellow as what you see in a Spring and not the deeper gold or brass tones you see in Autumn hair.

Eyes are typically light and in the gray, gray-blue, gray-green or soft aqua range and they can either be bright or more soft and muted. Some summers have soft hazel or brown eyes. Eyes that change from blue to green are pretty common as well. The gray-blue eyes may appear solid steel gray from a distance but as you get closer you will see that they definitely have a clearer more blue tone overall.

The darker haired Summers sometimes get confused for a Winter, however, if you compare their coloring the Winters are much deeper and clearer overall and the Winter colors are just a little too deep and clear. See the pictures below of Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock. Jennifer is a Summer and Sandra is a Winter.

The overall Summer look is just slightly softer than that of the other Seasons but the palette still contains many bright colors as well as some soft and deeper shades such as –

  • sky blue
  • rose pink
  • light lemon and other sunny yellows
  • blue-greens and yellow-greens
  • strawberry and watermelon red
  • plums
  • soft orange and yellow-orange

The light and neutrals found in this Season are –

  • stormy blues
  • soft whites
  • rose-browns
  • powder blue
  • lavender
  • light rose-beige
  • light mauve
  • soft golden-greens, and more.

Summer Primary Colors

During this time of year, the greens are a little deeper and richer as are the reds and the blues than what is seen in the springtime. The berry tones and fuschias come into play as do the grayed-blues that you see in a stormy sea or sky. This too is reflected in the Summer’s overall skin, hair, and eyes. They possess a cheerful elegance; here are some celebrities that embody this season…


Reese Witherspoon is a lovely Summer but in this photo, she is wearing more Spring and Autumn colors in her makeup and clothing and while these colors don’t look terrible on her they don’t really do much to complement and enhance her coloring. Her eyes look a little dull and her skin looks a little drab. That lipstick and eye makeup also seem heavy and as if it is wearing her.

Wrong Spring Colors

Image Source

In this photo, Reese looks absolutely stunning! The soft rose lipstick and cheek color give her a lovely glow and the deep cool green dress makes her eyes sparkle.

Even though the dress is quite a deep color it is not overwhelming and the whole look just appears natural and blends with her beautiful Summer coloring. She also appears much happier, and more cheerful in this photo.

Right Summer Colors

Image Source

Wearing the right colors can really help boost confidence and make you feel much more comfortable and relaxed. To order the full Summer color palette, fashion guides, and makeup list visit our shop page.

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