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Receive 15% Off // Use Coupon: COLORFORYOU

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Summer Color Palette and Fashion Guide for Men (Digital)


Get the color palette and fashion guide just for Summer men. The cool and slightly muted colors in this palette are flattering on those with cool soft coloring.

You can use these colors to choose clothing, accessories such as hats, ties, shoes, and belts. You can also use them when choosing decor and interior or exterior colors for your home or office. 

Digital Summer Color Palette:

    • 95 colors and 5 metallics

    • Large Swatches

    • Broken down by neutrals, lights, and brights

    • Colors are arranged in groups (blue, green, red, etc)

    • High-quality downloadable PDF

  • Includes pictures that correspond with each color and the season

Digital Summer Fashion Guide for Men:

    • 24-page full-color booklet

    • Downloadable PDF format

    • Introduction to your seasonal color type

    • A full description of the Summer palette

    • Information on how to combine colors

    • Fabric and print suggestions

  • Hair color and accessory recommendations

New Additions:

    • Color Combination Swatches

    • Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Please Note: Colors may appear differently (lighter or darker) depending on the monitor on which they are viewed.

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