Autumn Color Palette and Fashion Guide for Men (Digital)

Your Natural Color Palette

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This newly updated and expanded full-color virtual palette and fashion guide for Autumn men contains the rich vibrant shades of this golden season.

The digital color palette for Autumns includes:

    • Large swatches

    • 95 colors and 6 metallics

    • Broken down by neutrals, pastels, and brights

    • Colors are arranged in groups (blue, green, red, etc)

    • High-quality downloadable PDF

    • Includes pictures from nature that correspond with each color and your season

    • Keep it on your phone, computer or tablet for quick reference

The fashion guide for men includes:

    • 26-page full-color booklet

    • Downloadable PDF format

    • Introduction to your seasonal color type

    • A full description of the Autumn palette

    • Information on how to combine colors

    • Fabric and print suggestions

    • Hair color and accessory recommendations

New Additions:

    • Color combinations swatches

    • Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Please Note: Colors may appear differently (lighter or darker) depending on the monitor on which they are viewed.