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Do color analysis at home! Before you begin... We have put together a helpful guide below of color testing tips to help you accurately determine your season using our free online quiz. 

    Understanding Your Undertones

    This is in reference to the main muted underlying color found in your skin or rather the main color that is peaking through.  Our skin tone is made up of multiple colors, but there is a main underlying tone. So that is what we are talking about when we say undertone.

    Cool Undertone = Pink or Red-Violet as seen in Summers and Winters. Some cool skin tones have an obvious pink cast while others appear very neutral.

    Warm Undertone = Yellow-Orange (golden-yellow) as seen in Spring and Autumns.

    The yellow-gold undertone can range from very light and subtle (bright ivory or very light creamy ivory) to a more obvious one (bright golden beige to deep bronze). 

    Some Springs and Autumns have a red-orange undertone which gives their skin a peachy look.

    Skin can have a yellow, red or green overtone (surface color), as seen in olive skin, which doesn't necessarily mean warm. So make sure you follow the tips below to help you determine your true characteristics.

    Testing Tips

    • Make sure to answer each question thoroughly.
    • Your answers should be based on your natural coloring even if your hair is dyed.
    • As you move through each section of this quiz take the time to look at yourself in the mirror in the best possible light (preferably clear natural daylight).
    • When asked about specific clothing or makeup colors, if you are uncertain whether that color or group of colors look good on you, please try on the recommended shades before completing the quiz.
    • DO NOT get caught up in whether or not you like a color or the psychological effects. Certain colors are naturally uplifting, especially if they are bright. Just try to focus on how YOU look in the colors. 

    How to Test Colors

    Most personal Image Consultants and Color Analysts drape a client with large swatches of colored fabric under your face to see how your coloring (skin, hair, and eyes) react to the clothing color. Your face may brighten, or look pale or dull or imperfections may be reduced or enhanced. It’s a fun exercise to do, and you can gather the colors suggested in the quiz and do it yourself in front of a mirror or with a group of friends.

    Compare the colors.

    Hold the swatch under your face as if it were your shirt. Do you look great in a True Pink or is Deep Magenta better? Is Red Rust more flattering or are you better in Coral? You can test with anything you have around the house in the colors you need. A t-shirt or blouse, a towel, a throw pillow – whatever you can find!

    Most of you will know your season from doing the first few steps of the quiz. Some people fall easily into one palette while others may appear to be on the borderline between two different seasons.

    A redhead could be a Spring or an Autumn, a brown eyed, brown haired woman with a  “greenish” tone to the skin could be an Autumn or an olive-skinned Winter. A blonde, blue-eyed woman may have trouble deciding between Summer and Spring especially if her skin has a yellow overtone.

    It can be hard to tell sometimes, especially if someone is very pale or very deep in their overall coloring. The undertones can be very subtle so this is why the true test is in the colors that you will be trying on as part of this quiz.

    Remember that every person can find SOME colors from each season that will look pretty good on them. This is why I have included what I like to call the "deal-breaker" colors.

    I chose one color from each of the seasonal color palettes that is the most representative of that season. There is no leeway or room for error with these colors. One of them will look the best on you. 

    As you move through this color test one Season will emerge as your over-all best. That Season will help guide you in choosing your best colors for clothing, makeup and hair color (if you choose to color your hair).



    The right colors will blend perfectly with your natural coloring and when you look at yourself in the mirror or when someone else looks at you the first thing that you or they will notice is YOU and how healthy and fresh you appear.

    If your attention is shifted towards the color itself or lipstick (if you are trying on makeup colors) and the color seems distracting, it is not harmonizing with your natural coloring. 

    If the color seems just okay or kind of blah, then it is not the right color. You are looking for an instant - "Wow!" reaction, which the exact right colors will give you.

    Same goes for if the color is overwhelming or seems to overtake you. Again - not the right color.

    Testing yourself in makeup colors (especially lipstick) will definitely help give you the confirmation of your true Season. When you put on a pink, peach/coral, plum/burgundy or blue-red or orange-red lipstick and do comparisons of each shade, it shows! Often, you can tell as soon as you begin to apply the color. Take pictures of yourself with your phone or have a friend snap some photos if that helps make it easier.

    Do NOT wear any foundation when testing makeup colors so that you can see how the colors perform against your bare natural skin tone. Wearing a full face of makeup can give incorrect results.

    The absolute best way to distinguish your seasonal type or to help you decide between two seasons is to apply the makeup colors from one season to half your face and the makeup colors from the opposite season the other half of your face. This side-by-side comparison, will quickly show you which colors harmonize and enhance your natural coloring and which colors do not. 

    If the makeup looks heavy and appears to drag your features down, then that is NOT your correct season.

    The correct makeup colors will blend with your skin, eyes, and hair. You will appear fresher, brighter, and more attractive. 

    Suggested test makeup shades - 


    Eye Makeup - Cool Gray Shades

    Blush - Rose Pink or Soft Plum

    Lips - True Red or Deep Fuchsia


    Eye Makeup - Warm Nude Shades

    Blush - Coral 

    Lips - Coral or Hot Pink


    Eye Makeup - Soft Cool Plum or Gray Shades

    Blush - Rose Pink

    Lips - True Pink or Pink-Red


    Eye Makeup - Warm Browns or Bronze Shades

    Cheeks - Tawny Peach or Bronze

    Lips - Orange-Red or Brown-Red