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This "Real Client" page is where I showcase actual clients I have had the pleasure of analyzing. This is is in contrast to celebrity women and men, who are, yes, I know, real people too. But most regular folks (like you and me) don't have retouched photos and have not been styled by professional makeup artists, fashion stylists, etc. 

These clients have graciously allowed me to use their photos so you can learn from their coloring and get a glimpse of how I conduct an online color analysis.

Case Study #1

This is Paige The first thing I noticed about her is her beautiful deep eye color, high contrast level, and lovely olive skin tone. 

Her eyes are a deep brown with cherrywood tones and are mostly solid in color. I don't see a lot of flecks or patterns in them and they don't seem to change (lighter or darker) in the light. 

Olive skin can be a bit tricky to analyze because it has a warm overtone that is either yellow or yellow-green. In Paige's case, her skin has a slight yellow overtone to it. However, She has visible pink in her cheeks and cool rosy beige tones beneath the yellow. 

Her natural hair color is brown-black with some soft cool tones from what I can see and from how she described it to me. Her hair is currently died red.

In some of the photos (such as the eye color photo above) her skin appeared quite warm. However, in the other photos I could see some warmth and some coolness. The best way to tell someone's overall undertone and color type is to drape. 

I put Paige in test drapes from each of the four seasonal color types to see how her skin reacted to each color and then I added a little bit of lip color to help confirm (color applied directly to the face is a great gauge). 

At first I thought the Autumn colors looked best but the more color testing I did the more I could see that her deep coloring comes alive in the cool and bright colors of the Winter palette. 

Final Verdict - Winter Color Type

Case Study #2

This is Shannon. She has light skin, big beautiful hazel green eyes, and medium golden-brown hair with red highlights (which is currently dyed blonde). 

Her skin has peachy tones and warm brown freckles. Her eyes are a fairly clear hazel that shift from a golden/amber brown to warm green. 

At first glance she has the typical characteristics of an Autumn. But going by initial first looks and by what seems 'typical' is a good way to get someone's season wrong. The only true way to tell is to put the person in several different colors and to compare. Sometimes people really do have typical coloring for their season and therefore my first initial impression of their coloring is correct, but from my experience most don't. This is why I never assume.

In this case, Autumn is not correct. While the colors aren't horrible on her they are too deep and too muted overall. Summer colors did absolutely nothing for her skin tone and dulled her eyes and hair. Winter was too cool and deep.

Final Verdict - Spring Color Type

About these Real Client examples

While everyone loves to see celebrity examples, many people want to see ‘real people’ who are typical examples of particular seasonal color types. Not everyone has typical coloring so that is why these examples can be really helpful.

I do ask clients if it is okay to use their pictures and most politely say no. Many don’t like me using pictures of them without makeup, and without their hair being styled, which I totally understand. I often feel like a complete hypocrite asking people for photos since I don’t even like showing photos of myself on my own website or on social media very much, and these are even pictures of me with makeup on or my hair done! Let's face it. I have issues just like everybody else.

But for an accurate color analysis, it is critical for me to see women without makeup on in very candid photos taken in the often unforgiving harsh light of day. Well not too harsh... This way I can see their true skin tone and natural coloring. So I am especially grateful to the clients who volunteer to be posted on here so others can see ‘real people’ and their seasons.

If you would like to volunteer to be a model, (feel free to share a link to a website, charity, business, etc)  just let me know.