Personal Color Analysis Services

Stop wasting money and time shopping for unflattering clothes, fashion accessories, and makeup.

We have all been there. If you have a closet full of clothes yet can never find anything to wear and never feel put together. Or if you don't quite feel like yourself, then you know what I mean. Nowadays, we don't receive guidance when shopping for clothes, and information online is complicated and confusing. There's a better way. I can help!

My advanced multi-step Personal Color Analysis Service for women and men begins with a Skin Undertone Test, color, and body shape questionnaires.

Skin Undertone Test

Step 1 - The Skin Undertone Test utilizes specific foundation shades developed to reveal the undertone (the primary color peeking through from beneath the skin's surface). It will tell you if your skin tone is leaning cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow-based. It directly affects which clothing and makeup colors will look the most harmonious with your natural coloring.

Eye Patterns

Step 2 - I will examine your eye patterns. This will help me to see which seasonal traits you have inherited. These traits can also help determine which set of colors and fashion styles will be your best.

Diagnostic Color Drapes

Step 3 - is a series of Diagnostic Color Drapes that vary in depth, saturation, and undertone. These will help determine your main seasonal color category, and which range of colors is your best.

Body Harmony Colors

Step 4 - is Body Harmony Colors. These are the colors within your seasonal color palette that blend with your hair, eyes, skin tone, and deep red skin or blush tone. These colors make up your best neutral or foundational wardrobe and makeup colors.

Personalizing Your Color Palette

In the final steps, I will work with you to personalize your color palette by going over the best colors within your seasonal color fan and working with you to determine how light and dark your colors should be. 

Everyone is unique, so even though they will have a main seasonal color category, the colors within their palette and how they wear them vary. It is why it is necessary to adjust the colors for each person.

Image Coaching

During the final part of the analysis, I will examine your face shape, body shape, Key Size, and Fashion Styles. I will put everything together into a comprehensive report that includes your best hairstyles, makeup colors, and how to choose clothing styles.

Key Size

Key size refers to the proportions of clothing details, fabric prints, and accessories that look best on you. Wearing prints and jewelry that are too large or too small will throw off your overall balance. Every detail counts. Even if the colors and styles you are wearing are right, adding prints, patterns, and accessories that are out of proportion can ruin your whole look. You won’t feel right in them either.

Color & Style

At the end of your analysis, you will receive a fun and easy-to-use color and style kit that includes - 1 Seasonal Color Fan containing 215 of your best colors and a Color Selector to help you plan winning color combinations. Body Shape Guide, a Wardrobe Planner, a Capsule Wardrobe Checklist, and a Style Sheet with examples of your best fashion styles. Also included is a 24-page Personal Color Analysis Report containing all of the notes from your analysis, plus hairstyle, hair color, and makeup recommendations.

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