Personal Color Analysis Services

Stop wasting money and time shopping for unflattering clothes, fashion accessories, and makeup.

We have all been there. If you have a closet full of clothes yet can never find anything to wear and never feel put together. Or if you don't quite feel like yourself, then you know what I mean. Nowadays, we don't receive guidance when shopping for clothes, and information online is complicated and confusing. There's a better way. I can help!

My advanced multi-step Personal Color & Style Analysis Service for women and men begins with finding your correct color spectrum.

Skin Undertone Test

Step 1 - The Skin Undertone Test utilizes specific foundation shades developed to reveal the undertone (the primary color peeking through from beneath the skin's surface). It will tell you if your skin tone is leaning red-based or yellow-based. It directly affects which clothing and makeup colors will look the most harmonious with your natural coloring.

Eye Color

Step 2 - I will examine your eyes to see which colors they contain. Our eyes are never just one color, many hues can be found in the iris (main colored part of the eye) as well as the rim of our.

Body Harmony Colors

Step 3 & 4 - is Body Harmony Colors. These are the colors within your natural coloring that make up your very own natural color palette. I will pull all of the colors I can find in your skin, eyes, and hair. 

Image Coaching

During the final part of the analysis, I will examine your face shape, body shape, line movement, line direction, texture, and scale. I will put everything together into a comprehensive report that includes your best hairstyles, makeup colors, and how to choose your most flattering clothing styles.

Color & Style

At the end of your analysis, you will receive a fun and easy-to-use color and style kit that includes - a personalized color fan of your best colors and a complete fashion guide.

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