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Orange and Yellow-Orange: The Best Shades for Your Season

How to Wear Orange and Yellow-Orange

The color orange has long been associated with  joy, warmth/heat, sunshine, happiness/enthusiasm, expression/creativity, success, encouragement, fascination, change, determination, health, stimulation, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, and freedom.

It is also considered difficult to wear by some people however I disagree. I have heard time and time again “Oh, I can’t wear orange. It’s not my color.” or “I hate orange! It’s the worst color! It makes me look terrible.”

Both of these statements could be true of any color if you are not wearing the right shade for your skin tone. There is never just one shade of any color, so if you are a Summer trying to wear an Autumn orange, of course, it’s not going to look good on you and vice versa.

Everyone has some version of any color that they can wear. There are only twelve colors and our natural coloring contains all of them in varying degrees. So yes you can wear orange and it will look fantastic on you if you wear the right shade. 🙂

Orange and yellow-orange are just below red and red-orange in the rainbow and they are next to them on the color wheel. Just as I have pointed out in my previous posts there is a range from pure and bright to softer and more muted, light to dark.

Rainbow - Color Theory

These are secondary and tertiary colors because they are a combination of the primary colors red and yellow. Some people need a bright pure orange while others look better in softer oranges.

Orange and yellow-orange are found in your skin, hair, and even eyes. It’s the main undertone in the warm seasons but even the cool seasons contain these colors just in smaller doses. They are most evident in brown hair and eyes. Red and warm blonde hair contain these shades as well.

Some need hues with a little more yellow or red added. It’s all perfectly arranged and coordinated by Mother Nature depending on the season. Discover your best versions of these colors below…

Winter Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Winter Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Winter oranges and yellow oranges range from deep and intense to lighter and a little bit softer but still more clear than muted overall.

  • Flame Orange
  • Tangerine
  • Bright Golden Orange
  • Soft Clear Apricot

You see these colors in the vibrant winter sunrises and sunsets and in ripe citrus peels of oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits.

Spring Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Spring Orange and Yellow-Orange

Spring also contains bright and clear shades of orange and yellow-orange which will really harmonize with and enhance these beautiful tones in your skin, eyes, and hair.

  • Clear Oranges
  • Clear Bright Yellow-Oranges

The Spring oranges contain less red than the Winter oranges even though they are just as clear in chroma. You see these shades in the flesh and rind of ripe mangoes, in the sunsets and sunrises, poppies, ranunculus, and other spring blooms.

Summer Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Summer Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Summer oranges and yellow-orange are softer and lighter than the hues found in the other seasons. The deepest orange in this palette contains quite a bit of red and the light and brightest yellow-orange contain just a hint.

  • Deep Reddish Peach
  • Soft Orange
  • Apricot
  • Soft Golden Orange

Ripe peaches, apricots, papaya, and summer squash are good examples of these colors in nature.

Autumn Oranges and Yellow-Oranges

Autumn Orange and Yellow-Orange

Autumn and orange just go together. Like red, you also see a lot of variations of orange and yellow-orange in this season. People that fit into this color type usually have a lot of these undertones in their natural coloring especially if they are redheads.

  • Orange Rust/Burnt Orange
  • Deep Bright Orange
  • Deep Yellow Orange
  • Golden Oranges
  • Soft Pink-Orange

There is quite a range of oranges in this palette from deep and slightly muted to soft and pinkish. The yellow-orange is bright but also slightly softened in ranges from medium to light.

You see these colors in – pumpkins, spices like curry or turmeric, ripe persimmons, autumn leaves, mushrooms, rust, and terracotta.

How to Wear Orange and Yellow-Orange

How to Wear Shades of Orange and Yellow-Orange

There are many ways to incorporate orange and yellow-orange into your looks. You can use it for a single item of clothing, a little accent color or even an entire outfit.

  • Suits
  • Dresses or Skirts
  • Tops/Sweaters
  • Coats or Jackets
  • Accessories (ties, belts, purse, wallet)
  • Shoes

You can even use them as lip, nail or eyeshadow colors. A peach or orange lip can look quite stunning. Orange and yellow-orange eyeshadow can brighten your eyes.

Pick a single hue or mix and match. The complementary colors that combine the best with orange and yellow-orange are blue and blue-violet. Here are some color combinations for each season…

Winter –

Orange and Yellow-Orange Color Combos

Navy + Tangerine

Navy + Tangerine

Apricot Sunrise + Blue-Violet

Blue-Violet + Apricot Sunrise

Spring –

Orange and Yellow Orange Color Combos

Clear Navy + Poppy Orange

Clear Navy + Poppy Orange

Bright Periwinkle + Mango

Bright Periwinkle + Mango

Summer –

Orange and Yellow-Orange Color Combos

True Blue + Apricot

True Blue + Apricot

Periwinkle + Soft Golden Yellow

Periwinkle + Summer Squash

Autumn –

Orange and Yellow-Orange Color Combos

Marine Navy + Persimmon

Marine Navy + Persimmon

Deep Periwinkle + Chanterelle

Deep Periwinkle + Chanterelle

See you can wear orange – if you want to. Get creative and add some warmth to your life with these two cheerful colors! 🙂

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