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How to Wear Any Color You Want – Dress for Any Season

How to Wear Any Color You Want

If you have ever felt stumped or limited by your seasonal color type, then this post is for you and for anyone who wants to know how to fully utilize the colors in their palette to achieve any look that they desire. If you want to know how to really dress for any season then keep reading… (more…)

Blog, Color and Fashion Tips

Blue and Blue-Violet – The Best Shades for Your Season

Your Best Blue and Blue-Violet

For part six of our series on color and as we near the end of the color wheel and rainbow we find ourselves in the Blue and Blue-Violet range of colors.  Blue is the color of the sea and sky and it is also a primary color and is therefore especially flattering on everyone. (more…)

Blog, Color and Fashion Tips

2019 Golden Globes – Celebrities Wearing Their Colors

2019 Golden Globes - Stars Wearing Their Colors

I missed watching the Golden Globes this year so just recently when I was combing through all of the photos of the attendees I was really impressed by not only the amount of color I saw on this year’s red carpet but also by how many celebrities actually wore their correct colors. (more…)

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