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Winter Fashion Guide for Springs, Summers, and Autumns

Posted on by Valora Abbett 0 comments

Sorry, I know this is super late, but the information in this blog post is not based on trends and will still be valid for years to come. So, better late than never. Right?

Continuing my series on how to wear any color you want. Here are some ideas on how you can utilize the colors in your Spring, Summer or Autumn color palette to build the perfect winter wardrobe. 

While you don't have to dress for the season and can wear any of the colors from your palette and look great, I think it's fun to change your look according to the time of year. So, that's what this guide is geared towards.

Pro Tips:

  • Use soft and plush fabrics
  • Add a touch of sparkle and shine mixed with some rougher textures (tweed, boucle or suede)
  • Wear jewelry or accessories that resemble bare tree branches, pine branches, icicles or snowflakes. 
  • Wear more neutral makeup with some bright jewel-like pops of color 

The Best Winter Wardrobe Colors for Springs

Choose neutrals from your palette like black, espresso, your warm and cool grays, clear navy, and ivory white as the foundation colors of your winter wardrobe. Then add in the coolest, deepest, and brightest colors from your palette to mimic those found in wintertime. 

Some example colors are - ripe tomato, peacock green, cornflower blue, and dandelion yellow. These colors will give you that cool, bright jewel-toned look.

Winter Outfit Ideas for Spring Women

A peacock green dress with glittery accessories makes for a stunning evening look. This is a nice alternative to black and will really turn heads.


Peacock Green Winter Evening Look for Springs


A bright silver puffer jacket, bright tomato red turtleneck, skinny jeans, and some colorful accessories make for a cheerful and cozy casual winter look...


Casual Winter Outfit for Springs


Combine a classic trench coat with soft neutral colors like light gray, sand, and rose gold for an elegant and sophisticated business casual look.


Neutral Winter Look for Springs


Winter Outfit Ideas for Spring Men

Combine a classic black wool peacoat, light gray jeans, and dandelion yellow top for a casual look that adds a touch of sunshine to a cold winter day. 


Black and yellow winter outfit for spring men


Espresso leather and a chunky knit bright blue sweater, with gold accents are a winning combination. This is a comfortable yet stylish outfit for winter.


espresso brown and bright blue outfit for spring men


A tailored black suit, ivory white shirt, violet and silver accessories create a sleek formal look that is sure to be eye-catching. Electric violet is an unexpected color choice which is why it is so perfect.


Violet and Black Formal Look for Spring Men


The Best Winter Wardrobe Colors for Summers

Summers should really take advantage of the beautiful grays in their palette during the winter season. These combined with the deeper and brighter shades from the summer color palette will help you to achieve looks that blend seamlessly with this cool time of year. 

Think - burgundy wine, spruce green, classic blue, soft black, etc. Silver is one of your best metallics so this is a great time to use this color as well.  

Winter Outfit Ideas for Summer Women

Gray and burgundy wine are a great color combination for wintertime. A tweed jacket, rosewood, and silver accessories complete the look...


Gray and Burgundy Winter Outfit for Summers


Instead of a little black dress, opt for a cute cocktail dress in spruce or ivy green velvet. Nude pink makeup and silver accessories complete the look. Perfect for wearing to a fun holiday party.


Winter Evening Look for Summers


Cool blues and milk-white combine with soft charcoal for a cozy casual look reminiscent of a winter sky...


Cool Blue and White Winter Outfit for Summers


Winter Outfit Ideas for Summer Men

Pair a denim jacket with a plaid shirt for a nice casual winter look. The blue-greens from the Summer palette are a very good color choice. 


Denim and Plaid Winter Outfit


Create a festive look by combining spruce green and radish red. Red and green are complementary colors and therefore look great together. 


Red and Green Winter Outfit for Men


Mimic the icy winter landscape by pairing a soft charcoal suit with light periwinkle and silver accessories. This look can easily take you from the office to an evening out. 


Soft Charcoal and Periwinkle Winter Outfit

The Best Winter Wardrobe Colors for Autumns

Autumns can easily transition their fall wardrobe to a winter-appropriate one by utilizing the coolest, brightest, and deepest colors in their palette. Choose from your grays, cream and oyster white, blue and blue-greens, clearest yellows, brightest reds, forest green, and purples. 

Winter Outfit Ideas for Autumn Women 

Create a statement in a bold purple dress, leather knee-high boots, a plush jacket, and a colorful knit scarf. Go for a vintage yet modern look...


Purple and Espresso


Cream and forest green with antique bronze are a nice combination for winter. 


Cream and Forest Green


Pewter is a beautiful and more interesting choice than black. Pair it with cranberry or deep red for a really stunning evening look...


Pewter and Cranberry Evening Look


Winter Outfit Ideas for Autumn Men

Combine black, pond blue (from the Autumn color palette), and warm grays for a cool casual winter look...


Winter Blues Outfit


Warm red is a great color from the Autumn palette to wear during winter. Pair a red sweater with a black puffer jacket, black jeans, and a plaid scarf.


Red and Black Outfit


Use green-white from the Autumn pastels mixed with black and pewter to create a cool "icy" look...


Cool Green Black and Pewter


As you can see there are many fun ways to use the colors in your palettes. I hope the above examples inspire you to create looks of your own. 

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