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Hair Color and Your Seasonal Color Type

Posted on by Valora Abbett 0 comments

Does Hair Color Determine Your Season?

Does Hair Color Determine Your Season


Not really. The main determining factor is actually your skin tone however hair color does play an important role since it harmonizes with the rest of your natural coloring so it is something I look at when I do someone's colors. 

It is the icing on the cake and definitely contributes to your overall appearance and which colors blend with your skin tone just like your eyes do.

Should I Dye My Hair?

Should I Dye My Hair


The short answer is no. Can you dye it to change the color if you want to? Yes, of course! However, I would like to point out that your natural hair color is designed to coordinate perfectly with your skin tone and eye color. 

Each element of your appearance has the exact right level of chroma (how clear or muted in tone color is) and value (depth) to harmonize with each other.

None of our features are one solid or flat color but a blend of many different colors. They are a blend of all the colors from the rainbow in varying degrees. Color is derived from light. 

The light waves bounce off on an object and in this case, the object is our skin, hair, and eyes. These light waves are then registered by the human eye and are what we perceive as color.


How We See Color

Image Source


So, when looking at someone's hair you will see many different colors. Black hair isn't just black. It can contain blue, red or even green. Blonde hair contains yellow. Brown hair can contain yellow, orange, red, red-violet, green, or blue. If you dye your hair you will lose some if not all of these naturally occurring tones in your hair.

The colors in your seasonal palette that you use for your clothing and/or makeup match and blend with the natural tones in your hair, skin, and eyes and help bring out their best qualities. 

So if you have yellow or blue in your hair the yellows and blues in your palette will match these and be very complimentary and enhancing.

The neutral tones in your palette also blend. They all work together just like you see in nature. Our bodies are also part of nature so again it is all about harmony with our natural environment. 

This is why I don't think you should alter your natural hair color. But, I do understand wanting to be creative with your look and that it can be fun to change things up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most commercial hair dyes contain toxic ingredients such as ammonia and paraphenylenediamine also known as PPD. They can also contain heavy metals. And like I always say - you should never have to sacrifice your health for beauty or fashion since they go hand in hand.

Does Going Gray Change My Seasonal Color Type?

Does Going Gray Change My Season


Not at all! As your hair transitions, it still maintains its overall cool or warm traits that match with your seasonal color type. If you are a cool season your hair will change to blue or silvery grays and bright or soft cool whites that match the shades in your color palette.

If you have warm coloring your hair will contain warm yellow-toned shades of gray and warm white which again blends with and is in harmony with your natural coloring. You will find these hues in the neutral colors of your palette as well.

So, my personal philosophy is if your hair is going gray or has gone gray just leave it be. The reality is we are not going to be 21 forever. Aging is something that is to be celebrated and embraced. 

I love people's coloring throughout every stage of life and I think gray hair looks absolutely stunning. Being "old" is a state of mind. If you don't believe me just ask Lyn the Accidental Icon.


Lyn the Accidental Icon

Image Source


Play up your gray hair by wearing the grays from your color palette as your main neutrals. Make these the staples of your wardrobe. Having a really great haircut helps too. 

If your hair has started to transition early or what some people refer to as prematurely I find that it looks quite stunning so I say - leave it! But of course, it is your hair so it is ultimately your decision. :)


Prematurely Gray Hair


Does Changing Your Hair Color Change Your Season?

Nope. If you are a Winter dying your hair a warm red or adding warm highlights will not change your seasonal color type to Spring or Autumn. This works in reverse as well if you are a warm season. 

Wearing the wrong hair color for your seasonal color type will just serve to detract from your overall appearance and will throw off its natural harmony.

Let's take a look at actor Dan Stevens for example. Dan is a Winter but for some reason, his hair is often dyed a golden blonde. Whoever is doing this is obviously confusing the fact that his natural coloring is bright, with the Spring color type. The fact is that Dan's coloring is bright and cool not bright and warm.

Just check out how amazing he looks in this deep fuchsia suit with a pure white shirt and black tie. Only a Winter can pull off this color scheme. The only thing that would have improved his appearance here is if his hair was its natural color which is a medium ash brown.


Dan Stevens

Image Source


Here is a side by side comparison of him with his natural hair color versus his hair when it is colored a golden blonde to better demonstrate. Bright does not necessarily equal warm just as soft doesn't automatically equal cool. 

You've got to compare to really ensure you have the correct seasonal color type. So hair color is quite important even though it is not the main determining factor.


Dan Stevens Natural Hair Color vs Bleached


In the photo below, Dan is wearing his correct clothing colors and he has his natural hair color or close to it. Wow! What a difference. This is the power of color! As I have said before and will say again it is all about harmony. 

All three elements (hair color, skin tone, and eye color) work together in harmony thanks to mother nature. Why mess with it?


Dan is a Winter

Image Source


And back to my original point changing Dan's hair to a bright warm shade did not change his season. Two brights do not make a... Spring... or something like that. You know what I mean! Heehee. :) 

So, if you are thinking about changing your hair then I highly recommend you heed my advice below...

If You Do Want to Change Your Hair What Colors Do I Recommend?

Best Colors to Dye Your Hair

Image Source


Should you decide to alter your natural hair color I do recommend sticking to these simple rules for your color type -

  • If you have predominantly cool coloring (i.e. you are a Summer or Winter) stick to cool or ashy hair colors. Warm shades will clash with your natural coloring.
  • If you have warm coloring stick to warm hair colors. Avoid ashy shades.
  • Don't go more than two to three shades deeper or lighter than your natural hair color or the results will look harsh and artificial. For example - if you are naturally a light blonde dying your hair jet black will look very harsh and unreal on you.

And here are suggestions for each seasonal color type...

Best Hair Colors for Winters

Best Hair Colors for Winters


If you are a winter you will look best with the following hair colors -

  • Black (if your hair is already in the medium to the deep range)
  • Dark Cool or Neutral Brown
  • Medium to Light Ash or Neutral Brown
  • Cool Reds (distinct red-violet undertone)
  • Platinum Blonde (this is very high maintenance though especially if your hair is naturally dark)
  • Fun fashion shades of Plum or Icy Pastels, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Bright Yellow, True Red or Silver 

Avoid the following -

  • Warm, golden and/or brassy shades
  • Dirty blonde shades as these are too muted for your clear and intense coloring

Best Hair Colors for Springs

Best Hair Colors for Springs


Springs look best in hair colors that are pure in tone. Springs can tolerate a lot of yellow in their hair since they tend to have quite a bit of it in their skin and eyes. The deeper hair colors should have a warm undertone rather than ash.

If you are a Spring your best hair colors are...

  • Soft Black or Red Black
  • Dark Golden Brown or Rich Espresso
  • Medium Golden Brown
  • Light Golden Brown
  • Strawberry Red
  • Golden Red
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Light to Medium Very Golden Blonde
  • Fun fashion shades or peach or coral, yellow-green, bright red-orange, bright yellow, blue-violet

Avoid the following...

  • Don't go too brassy or too orange
  • Ashy Tones


Best Hair Colors for Summers

Best Hair Colors for Summers


Summers look best in neutral or ashy shades. Beachy waves and sunbleached ends are synonymous with this season.

Summer's best hair colors are...

  • Deep Neutral or Ash Brown
  • Medium Neutral or Ash Brown (can have some soft golden or cool red highlights)
  • Light Brown
  • Light to Dark Blonde 
  • Fun fashion shades of Powder Blue, Powder Pink, Sky Blue, Blue-Green or Aqua, Plum

Avoid -

  • Very golden, red-orange or brassy shades

Best Hair Colors for Autumns

Best Hair Colors for Autumns


Autumns look best with lots of muted golds and metallic red-orange shades in their hair since they tend to have quite a bit of this in their natural undertones.

If you are an Autumn stick with these hair colors...

  • Soft Black or Red-Black
  • Espresso or Deep Warm Brown
  • Medium Warm Brown
  • Light Warm Brown
  • Light to Deep Auburn
  • Deep Red (with a distinct orange undertone)
  • Soft Golden Reds
  • Brassy Blonde Shades from light to dark
  • Fun fashion colors of Orange, Yellow-Gold, Yellow-Green, Forest Green, Red-Orange

Avoid -

  • Colors that are too bright and golden
  • Ash tones

Best Ways to Color Your Hair

As mentioned earlier a lot of hair dye brands contain toxic and irritating ingredients that get absorbed through the scalp so if you are going to color your hair try to stick to natural brands that don't contain the following ingredients -

Using natural henna is one of my favorite organic and zero waste ways to color my hair. My favorite brand is Light Mountain because it is very high-quality and yields the best color results in my opinion. 

Henna is from a plant that has been used since ancient Egyptian times. It stains the hair without covering up its natural highlights so you get really gorgeous dimensional color.

You cannot lighten your hair with henna but you can darken it or add red or warm highlights. You can't bleach your hair if you have used henna so just keep that in mind if you do decide to use it. It is mainly for dying the hair red or various shades of brown.

If you are into DIY and want to enhance your hair at home or even highlight it I found this great shop on Etsy that sells these all-natural zero waste highlighting kits. 

The shop is called SugaReyHerbals and they have kits for blonde, red, and brunette hair. I was really excited when I discovered their products because there really isn't anything else like this on the market.


Sugarey Herbals Highlighting Kit

Image Source


If you like to dye your hair bright funky colors then I recommend the brand, Arctic Fox. Their hair colors are vegan, cruelty-free and contain the least amount of harmful ingredients for this type of hair color product. 

No, it's not completely natural but like I said it is free of the nastiest and most harmful ingredients and yields beautiful results.

Another great way to change your hair without the hassle or commitment of using a dye is to wear a wig. While wigs used to be reserved for Halloween or the stage they have come a very long way over the years. 

Lace front wigs look very realistic and are a fun and easy way to change your hair color and/or hairstyle should you feel the urge. This way you can experiment and get really creative with your looks and have a lot of fun without it being permanent.

In closing, you will always look best with your natural hair color however should you choose to change it if you follow the above guidelines you will still look great. 

One more piece of advice I want to leave you with is if you are wanting to change your hair because you feel like it is looking a little dull or lackluster is ask yourself - am I wearing my right colors?

Wearing the wrong clothing colors not only affects the appearance of your skin and eyes but your hair as well, causing it to lose its shine and highlights making it look dull or off in some way. 

So, before you run out and change your hair color first check what you have been wearing. Is it in the correct color scheme for your color type?


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