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Fall Fashion Guide for Springs, Summers, and Winters

Posted on by Valora Abbett 0 comments

As I went over in a previous post you can achieve any look you want with your palette. Just choose a color scheme and then find your version of those colors within your own seasonal color palette. It's that simple! But to help give you some ideas specifically for fall see below...

Pro Tips:

  • Use softer and plusher textured fabric
  • Wear jewelry that resembles leaves, branches or fruits of the season
  • Wear more neutral makeup (nude tones) and switch to the deeper lip and nail polish colors that align with your seasonal color palette

Fall Color Combinations for Springs

As an overall warm-toned season, you have several lovely colors within your palette to choose from that will give you an Autumn-like look without having to tone down or alter your natural brightness.

Choose colors like your warm grays, warm golden browns, buff, golden yellows, and oranges, honeydew and grass green, warm bright reds, teal blue, and green turquoise, tulip purple. Now is a great time to wear your metallics as well.

Spring Fall Fashion Looks for Women:

Mimic the changing leaves by combining grass green, bright golden yellow, and warm golden brown.


Spring Fall Outfit


Poppy orange creates a stunning evening look especially when paired with gold metallic accents.


Fall Evening Look for Springs


Your warm neutrals combined with some bright accents from your palette are another great way for you to mimic this deep warm season. Fawn, brown sugar, and geranium red look lovely together don't you think?


Spring Fall Streetwear


Spring Fall Fashion Looks for Men:

Brown Sugar, Pastel Peach, and Honeydew create a very nice Autumn-type look. The bright pop of green is a nice accent against the softer more neutral colors.


Spring Fall Outfit for Men


Combine light clear gold, light warm gray, teal blue, and espresso for a fresh look. Perfect for those chilly fall days.


Spring Casual Fall Outfit Men


Warm neutrals are great for fall. Utilize the warm browns and grays from your palette for a well-put-together look.


For Spring Men


Fall Color Combinations for Summers

Believe it or not, Summers have quite a few colors in their palette that they can use to create lovely fall looks for themselves. Think cocoa browns, plums, soft grays, soft yellows/oranges, burgundy reds, soft teal, yellow-greens, and of course your metallics.

Fall Fashion Looks for Summer Women:

Plum, mauve, and rose gold create a stunning fall evening look. It's the perfect soft shimmery look for your seasonal color type.


Fall Evening Look for Summers


Mix rose gold, grayed navy, cloud gray, and burgundy wine for a fun yet elegant casual look.


Summer Fall Outfit


Ripe tomato red and soft golden beige with other bright accent colors from the Summer color palette creates a bold yet wearable everyday look.


Summer Outfit for Fall


Fall Fashion Looks for Summer Men:

Pair classic denim jeans with a soft golden beige suede jacket, soft gray tee, and eggplant accessories.


Summer Fall Outfit Men


Summer squash yellow, apricot, and a splash of plum are nice bright accents that combine well with milk-white and blue-gray.


Summer Men's Fall Outfit


Mix teal blue, storm cloud gray, and summer squash yellow for a cozy casual look.


Teal Blue and Yellow


Fall Fashion color combinations for Winters

Winters need to maintain their brightness just as Springs do so you will look your best when you have some pop of brightness in your wardrobe. Winters can achieve a nice fall look by combining their warmer neutrals with the warmer fashion colors in their palette. Colors such as cardinal red, pale lime, bright golden yellows, intense red-oranges, purple, etc.

Fall Fashion Looks for Winter Women:

Bright golden yellows and yellow-oranges mixed with gold accents and dark chocolate create a cheerful autumn look.


Winter Yellow


Bright yellow-green is an interesting and bold choice for an evening out. if you are looking to switch things up for a special occasion and are tired of wearing the usual black, blue or red try this color instead.


Fall Evening Look for Winters


Intense purple shades combined with black and muted golden beige create a head-turning look. Winters can handle really bold colors such as this, so don't be afraid to wear them.



Fall Fashion Looks for Winter Men:

Warm intense reds and oranges mixed with charcoal grays. The cool and warm tones will be very complementary to your natural coloring.



Pure white, black, and gold are great choices for more formal looks. It is a sophisticated and classy color scheme.



Bright Teal blues and Pale Lime shades are warm colors without being too warm. It's a fresh and calming color palette.



I hope you have found the above examples helpful. While they may or may not represent your own personal style I hope you at least found the color combinations inspiring. What are some of your favorite fall colors?


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