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The Best Greens and Blue-Greens for Your Color Type

Your Best Greens and Blue-Greens

For part five of our series on color, we have now moved down the rainbow and around the color wheel to Green and Blue-Green. Green is one color that is nearly impossible to avoid, not that you would want to. It is one of if not the most prominent colors found in nature. 

The meanings behind these two colors are as follows –

  • Life
  • Renewal
  • Energy
  • Growth, Fertility
  • Harmony
  • Freshness, Refreshing
  • Safety
  • The environment
  • Calming
  • Wholeness
  • Tranquility
  • Patience

If you are wondering why I am giving you the above information, it is because colors are known to have an effect on the mind and emotions. This is why certain colors are used in advertising and for branding. Ever notice how companies use very specific color schemes? This is why.

UPS uses brown because one of the things brown communicates is dependability. Monster energy drinks have a green logo and as I mentioned above ‘energy’ is one of the characteristics of the color green (I am in no way endorsing these companies. These were just good examples). If you want to look fresh, lively or calm you can achieve this by wearing green and/or blue-green.

As you can see in this picture of the rainbow below I have finally discovered the location of the pot of gold! Just kidding. What I actually want you to see is the transition from yellow-green into green and blue-green. I personally find visual references helpful and therefore I have decided to provide you with them as well just as a helpful tool and reminder of where these colors are derived from – light.

Green and Blue-Green in the Rainbow

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Which shades of these colors will look best on you based on your natural coloring and seasonal color type? Keep reading to find out…

The Best Greens and Blue-Greens for Winters

Best Greens and Blue-Greens for Winters

Winter greens and blue-greens range from vibrant to deep and intense. You definitely don’t have as many of these hues as you do in Spring or Summer of course but the hues that do exist during this time of year are absolutely gorgeous and are flattering to all Winters weather their coloring is on the lightest or deepest end of the spectrum.

Your best greens and blue-greens include –

  • Deep Forest
  • Holly
  • Emerald
  • Deep Bright Teals
  • Bright Teal Blue
  • Deep Bright Aqua

The Best Greens and Blue-Greens for Springs

Spring Greens and Blue-Greens

As I mentioned in the previous post green and Spring go together like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe not the best analogy but as you know there is an abundance of these hues during this time of year and therefore the Spring Palette contains a pretty broad range compared to some of the other seasons.

Springs best greens and blue-greens are…

  • Warm Green
  • Leaf Green
  • Peacock Green
  • Bright Teal
  • Robin’s Egg
  • Light Emerald Turquoise

I have to admit as an Autumn I am a bit jealous of some of these colors. Although, the hues in my own palette are really just as lovely.

Summer’s Best Greens and Blue-Greens

Summer Greens and Blue-Greens

If you are a Summer then you have plenty of greens and especially blue-greens in your palette. Think colors of the trees, meadows, lakes, and ocean during this warm time of year. I think these shades look really elegant on a Summer and are great for evening wear.

  • Leaf Green
  • Deep Grass Green
  • Light True Green
  • Spruce aka Deep Dark Blue-Green
  • Blue-Green from light to deep
  • Aquamarine

Green and Blue-Green for Autumns

Autumn Green and Blue-Greens

I will be the first one to admit that Autumn’s have kind of been gypped when it comes to the number of greens and blue-greens in your palette. There just aren’t a lot of true greens during this time of year. However, we do have plenty of yellow-greens and other colors to make up for this. Like all of the gorgeous reds for example. Take that Spring and Summer!

Autumn’s best shades of green and blue-green are as follows –

  • Deep Forest Green
  • Forest Green
  • Teal
  • Turquoise

How to Wear Green and Blue-Green

How to Wear Green and Blue-Green

The two colors can be worn by themselves or together. You can do a monochromatic look by wearing the same color from head to toe or by combining lighter and darker shades of the same color. Green is opposite Red on the color wheel and Blue-Green is opposite Red-Orange so you can do any combination of these colors that you like and of course, they coordinate perfectly with any of the neutral colors in your palette.

Utilize these colors in your wardrobe as –

  • Blouses/Button-Up Shirts
  • Polo Shirts/Sportswear
  • Sweaters
  • Hats and Scarves
  • Belts, shoes, purses, and other accessories
  • Jewelry – emeralds, turquoise, aquamarine (whatever is appropriate for your season)
  • Eyemakeup or nail polish

Here are some color combination ideas for each seasonal color type as well –

Winter Color Combos

Deep Teal + Bright Teal + Iced Turquoise

Winter Blue-Greens

Pine + Cardinal + Black

Pine + Cardinal + Black

Teal + Bright Red-Orange + Charcoal

Teal + Bright Red-Orange + Charcoal

Holly + Emerald + Aurora Green

Holly + Emerald + Aurora

Spring Color Combos

Cabbage Green + Leaf Green + Peacock Green

Spring Greens

Cabbage Green + Warm Grey + Poppy Red

Cabbage Green + Warm Gray + Poppy Red

Teal Blue + Robin’s Egg + Aqua

Teal Blue + Robins Egg + Aqua

Robin’s Egg + Geranium Red + Black

Robins Egg + Geranium Red + Black

Summer Color Combos

Spruce + Leaf Green + Deep Sea Green

Spruce + Leaf Green + Deep Sea Green

Deep Sea Green + Emerald Turquoise + Aqua

Deep Sea Green + Emerald Turquoise + Aqua

Spruce + Milk White + Watermelon Red

Spruce + Milk White + Watermelon Red

Deep Sea + Cloud Grey + Ripe Tomato

Deep Sea + Cloud Grey + Ripe Tomato

Autumn Color Combos

Forest Green + Pewter + Deep Red

Forest Green + Pewter + Deep Red

Turquoise + Autumn Leaf Yellow + Rosehip Red

Turquoise + Autumn Leaves + Rosehip Red

Teal + Japanese Maple Red + Camel

Teal + Japanese Maple Red + Camel

Forest Green + Turquoise + Black

Forest Green + Turquoise + Black

Get your full Seasonal Color Palette in our online shop and for even more great color combination ideas check our Fashion Guides. What are some of your favorite ways to wear these two colors? Leave us a comment below!

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